Money Records is a digital label focused on helping the industry find the hottest new talent! Music is one of the most biggest influences in the entire world. As time has went on it has pushed us out of the morals and the values that it was first founded on. Money Records has the desire to take us back to that place. Where the message is King again! Where Wisdom is power! Where the Truth is respected! Where God is first again! We have lost sight because of the lack of guidance! But now we can have hope because we have acknowledged the error of our ways! Mainstream can be what we make it be! Of course it takes money. We believe the power of money can turn, what was meant for bad into good. Its all about support! Major Labels put a lot of money into supporting their artist! Why, because they have the money & they believe. The glory is in the eyes of the believer. Faith without works is dead! Push the link above and join the movement.  We must refuse to let our messages take the back seat to the promotion of drugs, sex & violence! Believe & Take action NOW! 

         "Best of the best"! Above & Beyond!